About Us

I founded Brownie Knits in 2009 out of a desire to bring together my passion for knitting and fulfill my wish of a creative outlet as a career. I spend my days knitting and crocheting items for sell via the Brownie Knits etsy store and craft shows, designing knitting and crochet patterns, and sharing my love of the crafts by providing instruction. 

I share the love of these crafts with my MIL, Diane. In addition to having skills in these areas, she is also an avid stamper. Via the etsy store, we offer Diane's custom-made knitting stamped accessories. 

What can Brownie Knits do for you? Well, if you are a crafter, check out our patterns and accessories. If you don't craft, we have you covered! We have many hand-made garments for purchase and also take on custom orders.

What's In a Name
Why Brownie Knits you ask? My maiden name is Brown. One of my close friends started calling me Brownie and it stuck. It seemed a natural fit when I started thinking about a business to use something that was personalized but sounds catchy. Plus, if people think brownie as in the food and knitting, that's not a bad thing at all!

"This is my favorite gift to give this Christmas--my best friend loves sunflowers and I did not think there was any sunflower left to buy her and along comes this--the best sunflower of all--one to keeo her neck and heart warm--thank you!!!", etsy buyer abkay

"I love your patterns!", knitter Debra Snyder