Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Brownie Knits Episode 31: Knit Afghans, Holiday Cross Stitch, and Hanna

Welcome to the BrownieKnits knitting podcast! In this episode, the year-long block blankets are revealed along with plans for 2016, lots of cross stitch, some holiday decorations, and one awesome swap package!


* Art by Minna Immonen (

* Advent Adventure 2015:

* Brownie Knits 2015 Block Blanket-Along:

* #2016StashDown plans!!!

* Doctor Ewe by Susan Claudino

* Turtlepurl Yarns in Om colorway


* Lanitium Ex Machina Glitter Sock in Limbo colorway: and

* Mini Mania Scarf by Sarah Core

Thanks so much for watching!

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