Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Outside Office

One of the nice things about working from home is that the home "office" can be wherever! Sometimes that means working outside. Whenever the weather is nice, I spend morning and early afternoon working on the back deck. I pop on my headphones to listen to a podcast, grab my knitting needles, and enjoy the lovely green of the outdoors while designing.

It is hard to believe when we moved into our house that there was NOTHING in this back yard. We planted all of these trees, built the fence and deck together, and put in some minimal landscaping and grass. Fast forward 13 years and! 

This was supposed to be a dwarf pear tree. It was supposed to stay small. It arrived as a stick and now it is taller than our house and has not produced a single pear. Who knows what it really is, but it provides great shade and has a lovely rustle sound when it blows.

The pansies have since been replaced with summer flowers, but they were beautiful while they lasted.

This lovely engraved stone lives next to one of our trees. It was a gift from a friend and has one of Patrick's poems on it.

Those large bushes in the background are lovingly named after our friends because they were planted when I hosted a bridal shower in the back yard. So, Carol and Sam (the bushes) are getting bigger every year.

The hostas under the center tree are the newest additions. Hopefully, they take in this spot now that there is so much shade. Before this tree grew large enough, EVERYTHING we tried under there just burned up. Even the full sun, low water plants. So far, the hostas are doing great.

Kennedy loves hanging out in her yard.

A much better view than I had from my corporate job years ago!

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