Monday, June 8, 2015

Blogging from the Midwest: A Tour of a Farmer's Market

It feels like I should have a line here in a movie voice that says..."I'm baaaaaaaaackkkkk!!!" My long hiatus wasn't planned and sort of happened a bit by accident, really. After starting the podcast, writing the blog each week became a little daunting. After writing for over five years, a little break was in order, but now I'm back and refreshed and ready to share, chat, and write. Grab a snack and some knitting or crochet and join me in this space where I will post blog posts on the weeks when I don't release a podcast. 

Summer weather has arrived here in the Midwestern US and after years of spending money on trying to grow our own vegetables and failing miserably, we decided to turn the garden into a grilling station. Great call because it is already getting a lot of use! AND, we are getting great fresh veggies each week at our local farmer's market. Every Saturday morning, we head over with Kiki to the market. She LOVES going and somehow wakes up knowing that it is "FM" day. (Yes, we can't say Farmer's Market without her going insane with excitement.) 

One of my favorite things about this little market are the explosions of color at every stand. This artistic little stand is packed full of fresh veggies and flowers. 

The fresh-picked Indiana strawberries are AMAZING. We enjoyed these with some cheese and wine will watching the Belmont. Don't they just look delicious?!?

Crate after crate at this local farm stand...can't wait for their fresh corn to be ready for grilling!

The lovely flowers are just gorgeous. When my pansies are done for the spring, I'll be looking over these beauties to plant. Do you have a local outdoor market where you live? What items do they have in your area of the world? Feel free to comment on the blog or to pop over to the Brownie Knits board on and chat about the blog posts.

I did want to call out this stand specifically because it was adorable! The artist is Artfully Dished Up and you can find her on Facebook at this link. By clicking on the Events tab, you can see her schedule for upcoming shows. The hanging plate decorations were so clever and I absolutely fell in love with her teapot and cup sets. 

You can't get the one on the far left because...

I snagged it for my yard!

Kennedy has her own favorite stand...homemade dog treats! I hope you enjoyed a little tour of our local market. I can't wait to hear and see what you have in your part of the world.


Marie said...

I love the teapot and cup you bought for your yard! That is my cup of tea! If I had been there, I would now have one in MY garden, can those be ordered?
Love, Marie

Brownie Knits said...

Hi Marie! I sent a quick query in Facebook to see what she says and I'll let you know. They are adorable!

Brownie Knits said...

Marie, you can contact them for orders at Happy shopping!