Monday, January 12, 2015

Yarn Dogs, Stash Organization, and a Calming Bedroom: Yes, Please!

PK went back to work on the 5th and I got down to business working on my 2015 goals. Last week was super exciting as I launched the Brownie Knits 2015 Block Blanket-Along on the 7th. I was BEYOND thrilled with the reception the KAL has received. I truly thought it would be me and my knitter friend making blankets and that might be it! I'm so happy to have so many of you cast on and plan out your blanket. Knitters are AMAZING! If you haven't signed up and want to join in, you can pop over to the Brownie Knits Ravelry board to read all the details and get started. (This type of project can easily be picked up a months in, too, if you are reading this post later in 2015 you can still join in.)

This photo has zero to do with this post, but I just loved wearing my hand-knit socks with these shoes and thought I'd share! The yarn is Turlepurl Striped Turtle Toes in Trenchcoat. The red stripe hits my foot exactly right for the shoes.

Here is the #bkblanketalong logo if you would like to use it for your project image. (Be aware that the KAL is NOT a mystery KAL, so you will see photos and video of the block of the month when it is released.)

We got the house put back together from all the Christmas decorations. I put out the IU bunting and decor on the mantel. The bunting doubles nicely for Valentine's Day, too! The spider plants are happy to be back in the sunny spots. Anybody in the Indy area need some started spider plants?

I spent days going through ALL of my yarn. There was a major talk with myself about all the partial skeins I had. After so many years, they just were NOT going to get knitted or crocheted. So, I kept my sock yarn leftovers and organized those in a bag and did the same for worsted/DK weight designer yarn leftovers. I have design plans for both of those bags. The rest of the leftovers went out the door. All the full skeins and balls were photographed, counted, organized, and are being put into Ravelry. This was one of my BIG goals for this year. It makes searching for yarn in your stash so much easier when you find a pattern you want to knit or have a design idea. I also pulled out yarn that I knew I wanted to knit or crochet this year. Those are in a basket along with my basket of started projects. Can't wait to get started on them all after I get more of the blocks designed and my current project finished.

Kennedy helped to organize and Riley slept on me while I worked. 

Kiki required ear scratches as a reward for her patience.

"Mom, your hand smells like wool."

One of my other big goals was to create a calm, relaxing, and coordinated bedroom environment. I spend SO much time in there. In the winter, our downstairs is pretty cold and the upstairs is toasty. So, some days I sit in here and knit all day while watching TV and podcasts. I HATED our old lamps with a passion. So, out they went and in came these cool dudes. Then, I found this headboard online for a great price. We feel like adults now. No more just-a-frame college-ish bed for us! Next up, I will be crafting up a large wall hanging for above the bed. 

I just love how it feels like a beach!

Buddha belly Kiki approves.

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