Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Making the Crochet Tiara Headband

I was so taken with this project that I decided to give you some more detail in a blog post. The pattern is from Fable of Five's Kate Dimech and is available here on Ravelry. The pattern is free and the way it is written, you can use pretty much any yarn you want as long as you adjust your hook size. Kate's original pattern used a DK weight of yarn and a G hook. I held fingering weight doubled and used an F hook.

First, gather your materials...
Crochet hook
Child's headband
Beads or buttons
Hot glue gun and sticks

I picked up a headband from a kid's clothing shop. It was impossible to find a plan one there, but I just snipped the original covering off. I used a rather thin headband, but you could easily adjust to a thicker one. My yarn is Koigu fingering weight held doubled in a cream colorway. The hook is from Furls and is part of their Candy Shop line. (I love the hooks, but I do find that if you crochet further down the neck, the size is larger so I tend to not use them for gauge critical garments.) Believe it or not, I had all those little buttons in my stash! I had them from a jar of buttons I purchased at an antique shop. Many were missing the backs, but you didn't need the shank for this project as you hot glue them in place.

First, you crochet around the headband to cover it. I placed a dot of hot glue on the bottom ends to just make sure the yarn doesn't move around with play. My headband was plastic and a bit slick. If you are covering an existing fabric, you probably would be okay. (The fabric I cut off my headband had this fabric flower things sticking off of it, which is why I didn't just leave the fabric.)

Next, you crochet on the crown points. Kate does a great job of telling you how to place these if you ended up with a different stitch count on the initial covering round. The right side (i.e. public side) of the crown does end up being the wrong side of the initial crochet round. But, if you look closely, that makes it look like a real crown, imo. I secured the ends and then glued the buttons on. Perfection! Like I said on the podcast, I totally want one for me! Wouldn't something like this out of crochet thread be just perfect for a garden wedding? This little one is off to Florida to crown Princess Ella. I hope you will check out the pattern, it's totally worth the hour or less!

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Meg said...

Oh my goodness! This is so super cute! Ella is going to love it. Can't wait to share a pic of her prancing around as princess! Something she does often :)