Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thanksgiving and Holiday Prep in Pictures

I can't believe that I never blogged about Thanksgiving. Life has been scattered and somewhat rough. As anyone who has lost a parent knows, the holidays are difficult. You bounce between trying to enjoy the season and missing your loved one. I made the best of it this year and we celebrated with my brother and his family the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Little R and I made lots of toilet paper roll turkeys! So cute. On Thanksgiving day, PK and I made our own mini-feast and then went to see a movie.

This salad was wonderful and is now in our normal salad rotation! The recipe is here and is from Creme de la Crumb. We even had it for lunch a few days later. 

Of course, we had to have some sweet potato casserole. Yummy! As I was missing mom on Thanksgiving day, we were waiting in line at the movie concession stand for some drinks. I was feeling pretty down. Two lovely teenage girls approached us and asked if they could buy our concessions as an act of kindness. It was so very kind and more timely than they will ever know. I said thank you to them, but had to bolt to the cinema shortly after because I sat and had a brief cry. It was really touching to have that happen in that moment. (I was SUPER grateful that the movie was a comedy and we laughed until our sides hurt!)

The next day we decorated the tree. Ornaments are something we "collect" on vacations and such. We might have to get a bigger tree in another 5 years or so! For a closer look at some of the ornaments, I am planning an "ornament tour" in the next podcast!

All of the plants were repositioned so that I could put decorations on the fireplace mantel. Tucked in the plants, I have placed a few cards from Watercolor Tales and photos of my mom and grandmother.

The gigantic cross stitch I made last year!

Framed art from a friend.

The tree at night...

I ordered some gifts from The Felted Flower Shop on Etsy and this little guy was in the box as a thank you for the order. It fits great on our tree!

The night view...

I saw this tree in a neighboring town and the sky and tree behind it. I just thought it looked like a postcard!

When not knitting, I've been wrapping. I told you I was mad for plaid this year! See you in a few days for some more catching up!

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