Monday, December 29, 2014

Brownie Knits Podcast Episode 6: Swimming in Yarn

Show Notes:

Welcome to episode 6 of the Brownie Knits podcast! In this episode, I talk a bit about some holiday crafting and all the yarnie goodness that Santa left.

Finished Knits/Crochets:
Bird of Happiness by Sara Elizabeth
Star Ornament by Attic24
Hermione's Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder (Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Modern Fair Isle)

Christmas Stash Enhancements:
Turtlepurl Yarn Striped Turtle Worsted in Trenchcoat, Nano, and Om
Turtlepurl Yarn Turtle Toes in Nano and Om
Voolenvine Lush in Outlander
Dancing Dog Dyeworks in Gingerbread Houses
Bag by FeltedFlowerShop

Don't forget to join the Brownie Knits Ravelry group! The #BKBlockBlanketAlong starts with episode 7, which will launch the first Wednesday of 2015! Join the group and answer the questions in the Getting to Know You thread to register for the late January 2015 giveaway.

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Little Selfish Comfort

You know how it is. You shop for other people and along the way you pick up this and that for yourself. You are already paying for shipping costs, right? Why not! So here is my selfish round up...

From the time I ordered my plaid bag from the Felted Flower Shop, I have wanted this flower. I finally caved in and ordered it! Looking forward to pinning this on my coat or outfits throughout the holidays. I purchased the one below for my grandmother (who doesn't read the blog). It will look so cute on her.

Nights have been spent with a hot cup of Starbucks caramel-salted hot chocolate. That's right! They sell it at the grocery store!!! Oh my. I don't like chocolate. Yes, you read that right. I don't like chocolate, but I do love this drink. It is either in my Indy cup or my IU mug.

The holiday season has also brought visits from friends. I've literally seen the world with this lovely friend. From South Africa to Greece, we have traveled and getting to see him this year meant so much. We missed our yearly visit last year for a multitude of reasons, so we had lots to catch up on! 

Some sock blockers and a skein of Desert Vista Dyeworks as a special treat for myself. Well, okay, I justified the blockers with "I need them for the podcast!"

Even my designing work has been a little selfish! I made these leg warmers out of a skein of Madlinetosh Tosh DK in Cloud Surf. I haven't decided if I should publish this pattern or not. What do you guys think? Let me know on the Brownie Knits Revelry group board!!! Come and join the group!!!

See, putting the sock blockers to use!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Brownie Knits Episode 5: Ornaments, Stockings, Oh My!

Welcome to episode 5 of the Brownie Knits video podcast! In this episode, we take a tour of some Christmas ornaments and stockings. We also get the pleasure, for a least a little bit, of our co-host, Kennedy! Grab a cup of your favorite drink, some knitting, and settle in for this Christmas-inspired episode.

Tour of Ornaments: tatted ornaments, crocheted snowflakes, Norman Rockwell Christmas collection, Pinterest-inspired ornament, and a knitted ball ornament.

Knitting info:

Deck the Balls with Texture by Kelly Jensen; Marathon Socks in Victorian

Mountain Colors kit with 4/8s wool (fair isle stocking kit)

Needle felted stocking with main stocking out of Cascade 220 Heathers

Falling Snow Stocking by Jennifer Hoel out of Cascade Ecological Wool

Victorian Christmas Stocking by Donna Kay out of Ella Rae Lace Merino and Kraemer Sterling Silk and Silver yarn

Ravi sweater by Carol Feller out of Socks that Rock Mediumweight in color Mossay

Snow White socks (no pattern) out of Turtlepurl Turtle Toes Striped

Herminone's Everyday Socks out of Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Modern Fair Isle

IU socks

Check out the Brownie Knits Ravelry board for info on the 2015 Block Blanket Along!!!


Cross Stitch is from Lizzie Kate and is the Jingles series

Sock Blockers from Loopy Ewe

Trades of Hope (Meg's Trades of Hope on Facebook)

Be sure to answer the questions in the Getting to Know You thread on the Ravelry Brownie Knits board to register for the January 2015 giveaway!





Pen Hook and Needles


Bakery Bears


Thanksgiving and Holiday Prep in Pictures

I can't believe that I never blogged about Thanksgiving. Life has been scattered and somewhat rough. As anyone who has lost a parent knows, the holidays are difficult. You bounce between trying to enjoy the season and missing your loved one. I made the best of it this year and we celebrated with my brother and his family the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Little R and I made lots of toilet paper roll turkeys! So cute. On Thanksgiving day, PK and I made our own mini-feast and then went to see a movie.

This salad was wonderful and is now in our normal salad rotation! The recipe is here and is from Creme de la Crumb. We even had it for lunch a few days later. 

Of course, we had to have some sweet potato casserole. Yummy! As I was missing mom on Thanksgiving day, we were waiting in line at the movie concession stand for some drinks. I was feeling pretty down. Two lovely teenage girls approached us and asked if they could buy our concessions as an act of kindness. It was so very kind and more timely than they will ever know. I said thank you to them, but had to bolt to the cinema shortly after because I sat and had a brief cry. It was really touching to have that happen in that moment. (I was SUPER grateful that the movie was a comedy and we laughed until our sides hurt!)

The next day we decorated the tree. Ornaments are something we "collect" on vacations and such. We might have to get a bigger tree in another 5 years or so! For a closer look at some of the ornaments, I am planning an "ornament tour" in the next podcast!

All of the plants were repositioned so that I could put decorations on the fireplace mantel. Tucked in the plants, I have placed a few cards from Watercolor Tales and photos of my mom and grandmother.

The gigantic cross stitch I made last year!

Framed art from a friend.

The tree at night...

I ordered some gifts from The Felted Flower Shop on Etsy and this little guy was in the box as a thank you for the order. It fits great on our tree!

The night view...

I saw this tree in a neighboring town and the sky and tree behind it. I just thought it looked like a postcard!

When not knitting, I've been wrapping. I told you I was mad for plaid this year! See you in a few days for some more catching up!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Write Already, Right?!?

Hello, loyal blog readers! Did you think I forgot how to write? I know, I know, I know. I've been posting links to the podcast and not writing many other blog posts. You can feel a bit torn by wanting to share things on the podcast and not give spoilers in written posts and vice versa. The written word, however, is my first love so here we go! I'd first like to welcome all the new followers of the blog who have found me via the podcast world. Welcome back to all of those readers who have been checking on this little spot for years now.


I've finished up many projects over the last few months (most discussed in the video podcast episodes). After years and years of not liking to knit socks, I am now addicted to them and have a pair on the needles at all times. No, like ALL times. I finish a pair of socks and then I cast on another on right away!

Socks for me!
No pattern...well, I adjusted down to 60 sts to see if I like the fit better and it worked well.
Yarn: Zwerger Garn Opal Sweet and Spicy 2 in Honey
Needles: US 2

Superman socks!!! These are the only knits I made for Christmas this year. They are for PK and I apologize that this is the only photo right now. Oops! They got wrapped up before I could took a photo. PK knows all about them, but I still am making him wait. Again, no pattern for this one. I used the standard 72 sts that most guy sock patterns use. The yarn is Turtle Toes from Turtlepurl yarns. I love that yarn soooooo much! So much so that...

I made a pair of Snow White socks for myself out of Turtle Toes!!! Aren't they adorable? Kiki didn't want to cooperate so she is a bit blurry in her photo. I did have a big giggle when I realized I was watching Once Upon a Time while knitting Snow White socks. Despite the fact that they are on my new sock blockers, they are not washed and blocked in this photo. (Side note: I ordered the sock blockers from Loopy Ewe in Small and Extra Large. I didn't want to go with the Medium as they are for size 7 and I am a 6 1/2. However, I am not sure if I should go up to the M after all. My toe hangs a bit on the S. I have a feeling I will end up with the M and L, too. That way I can make and block all sizes for adults.)

In addition to these finished socks, I have my IU socks on the needles and have just started a pair of Hermione's Everyday Socks. I'll post more about those after they are further along. But, when I wasn't knitting socks, I was knitting other projects with sock yarn! In August when I went to Knitwits Yarn shop for the trunk show I went wanting to buying yarn to make a Trillian. I didn't find anything at the shop that jumped at me for that project. We went back to my friend's house that day and she gifted me a skein of yarn as a pick me up. Well, you see where this is going, right? It was PERFECT for Trillian!

Pattern: Trillian by the awesome Martina Behm
Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in colorway Home (it is MUCH more blue in person)
Needles: US 3

I love the pretty detail on the bottom "sides." I only had one skein of the Home color, so I knit as far as I could, thus making it small than the one in the pattern. I failed to leave enough for the one edge and bind off...

...soooooo I had to pull a few yards from another MadTosh in my stash and use that for the very last bit of bind off. Can you tell? I was way too lazy to pull out the bind off and edging rows!!! I love the final result and Trillian is very wearable. Toss it on with an outfit or a coat. And, with all the denim blue in the Home colorway, I can wear it with almost anything. I also finished up another shawl not too far back!

Isn't this one beautiful!?! I LOVE it and I finished it up and blocked it just in time to wear to the symphony. (Side note: My lovely dear friends received free tickets to the Moscow State Symphony and it was wonderful! The first of three pieces was Romeo and Juliet. It was such a lovely night, so thank you Greg and Tonya!) The pattern for this one is Bandana by Helene Rush. (My apologies, Helene because I can't figure out how to get your accent marks on your name!) The yarn is Knit One, Crochet Too in Covet and it came as a kit. It is so soft and cozy!!! 

Phew...I still have a few more projects to share with you guys who like to read (versus watch the lengthier videos). And, I haven't even touched on Thanksgiving and Christmas prep!!! So, I'm going to end this post here and then post more tomorrow! I hope you stop back by!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Brownie Knits Episode 4: The Crossover Episode with A Knitter's Life

Welcome to a very special episode of Brownie Knits and A Knitter's Life!!! It is our first ever crossover episode. We love to knit together and talk all things yarn and knitting, so we decided to record it in a podcast this visit. Grab a cup of tea, some knitting, and sit back for a little longer episode.

Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad by Creme de la Crumb
Apple Walnut Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette on

Patterns Discussed (all available in
Trillian by Martina Behm
The Holly and Ivy Shawlette by Christina Wall of A Knitter's Life
Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist
Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure of Boho Knits
Bankhead Hat by Susie Gourlay
Basic Mitten by Unique Sheep
Oxford Hooded Cowl by L'Oasi Della Maglia (And, it DOES use Brioche even though I wasn't thinking such a simple stitch could be Brioche!)
Blooming Flower Cushion by Lucy of Attic24

Other items mentioned:
Watercolor Tales:
Turtlepurl yarns:
Bird Leg Bags:
Felted Flower Shop:
Knit, Spin, Farm:
Red for Knit, Spin, Farm's calendar

Madelinetosh Tosh Sock Home (Trillian)
Spring Tree Road (The Holly and Ivy Shawlette)
Madelinetosh Tosh DK Cloud Surf (Leg warmers)
Turtlepurl Turtle Toes Superman (Superman socks)
Kroy sock yarn in Sing 'n the Blues Stripes
Yarn Hollow and Madelinetosh Tosh Sock Antler (IU socks)
Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in Holidays on Ice (Blooming Flower Cushion)
Turtlepurl Turtle Toes in Snow White (Snow White socks)