Sunday, October 5, 2014

Socks: Can You SEE Me Now?

In August I finished up these socks and then failed to post about them! I'm sure not to be missed in these bright socks. This little pair followed the newest trend in NOT matching up your socks. Although, I admit that was not the intention. I knit the first sock following my normal stitch count, cuff down, and gusset/toe decrease. Then I pulled apart the ball to match up my color for the second sock. All went well in the start of the cuff and then there was a knot and a tie on in the middle of the ball that COMPLETELY changed the order of the colors for the rest of the darn thing. So, I went with it and accepted that my colors wouldn't match. Then, I was distracted by my oncology tests and results and, well, totally changed up the gusset and toe without realizing it on the second sock. (Your mind really does go elsewhere when you are knitting and thinking about stressful things.) I still ended up with the correct stitch counts in the key places, but I took a different road to get there. They both fit well and I made the leg portions on these a bit higher than I normally do. Nice and cozy and they will be in use soon!

Right now my sock knitting is this pair of zebra print socks. 

These socks are a bit different for me because I'm trying out toe up and an afterthought heel. The pattern is Vanilla Socks by Nurturing Fibers and the yarn is Regia Zoofari in color 5868. (You can find the yarn for purchase at Simply Socks online.) I can really see the appeal of knitting socks this way. After the quick toe portion, it is lots of just knitting without thinking. Sure, there are a few minor things here and there, but they are just a few rounds. The rest is turn off the brain and enjoy! I'm curious about how trying it on and fit will work around the leg portion, but that's what the first pair is all about... 

These socks are also special in a few other ways. The most important being that they are a zebra print and will be the socks I wear for NET Awareness day on November 10th. I hope that you will join me in wearing some zebra that day to bring awareness to neuroendocrine tumors and cancers. 

AND...I've been wanting to knit a pair of socks during IU basketball season that will reflect the outcome of the games. I knit PK a Crackerjack cowl (blog post coming soon) for the Rays baseball season and wanted to do the same for me, but not a cowl. I think with toe up and afterthought heel socks, I can make this happen. My zebra socks will tell me exactly how many rounds I need to fit my foot. I can then divide that by the number of games to figure out how many rounds I will need per game to reflect a win or loss. Then, I will knit the heels to be one of each color. Can't wait to cast those on!!!

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