Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wool Gathering Adventures

This past Saturday, we loaded up the Jeep with James our chauffeur, aka Patrick, and headed to the Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs, OH. Christina (of A Knitter's Life) and I were tucked in the back seat talking and knitting away during the trip and I don't think I even looked out the window until we were there. It's crazy how the two of us can talk for hours about all things yarn, knitting, designing, and podcasts. We just don't stop! As we were driving over, we received a text that Carol was going to meet us at the festival!!! Woohoo!!! I'm always super excited whenever our schedules all work out.

The gang! (I look like a crazy bag lady!)I I love this picture of us because we all look so happy. It makes me think years from now that I will look back at it and clearly remember the fun day.

I absolutely loved this rug and all the colors. How fantastic! I tried my hand at rug hooking years ago and have my cherished little pumpkin rug to show for it. Ultimately, as much as I love and appreciate the look of rug hooking, I found myself wanting to get back to knitting and crocheting whenever I sat down to hook. There was also this "little" felted horse that was adorable! Somebody has some patience.

Despite all the glorious yarn, most people seemed to be buying up these baskets. Aren't they great? I love that each one really shows off our personality, too. After we met up with Carol at the event, we had an amazing time walking around and shopping and then we ventured into town for something good to eat. We found a local cafe and 50% of us had a great main dish and 50% didn't. (I really enjoyed my organic vegetable sandwich!) 100% of us loved our deserts!!! The carrot cake was a special hit because two of us felt a little loopy after eating it. It did take a really long time to get our food! Just what did they put in there? Poor Patrick managed to get a few words in here and there, but the three of us ladies really do talk non-stop when we are together.

My haul...

A cute little pumpkin needle felting kit to whip up this week.

A basket full of projects I need to complete this week! Lots of work to do, but I have my cute basket to keep me company. It was such an amazing day that was full of joy, friendship, and wool. The location was adorable, as well. Maybe we will have to make this event our yearly fall festival trip!

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Looks like a lot of fun! :-D