Sunday, September 21, 2014

Trends in Plaid

Over the last few weekends we went out and about on Saturday to take a break from work and get out into the world. (When you both work at home all day during the week, you NEED some outside interaction on the weekends!) We've both been absolutely slammed with work (Patrick writing 2 books, teaching 2 classes at a local collage, and working his day job and me working on new designs, test knitting/crocheting, and tech editing.) It is good to be so busy and to be busy with NORMAL things, not dealing with doctors and such. 

As we were doing a little shopping, it was more than apparent that plaid is the "in" thing this fall/winter. Wow. I was super excited to see this trend. I've always loved plaids (maybe it is being a teen/early 20s during the grunge era). Whatever it is, give me a good plaid. I've also been knitting up some plaids in my new Delphia Cowl design and the Madras Plaid Stocking pattern! I had to be a good girl while we were shopping and only purchased two plaid scarfs. One for fall and one for winter. That's fair, right? The real point of the shopping was to find brown boots, which I did. I must admit that I didn't anticipate wearing these items SO soon. But, they have already been in regular rotation because fall weather hit Indiana early. (Although it is supposed to be in the 80s this weekend.)

The following weekend, we spent Saturday at the Irish Festival in Indy. I failed to take photos of all the gorgeous tartans, but they were all over the place with loads and loads of kilts. Are you all watching Outlander? If so, there is another way to get plaid and knitting obsessed. Who doesn't want one of Claire's cozy chunky cowls? If I can ever get to it with all the other work ahead of me, I have some yarn that I think would knit up great in a chunky garter stitch cowl. It might even end up on the Brownie Knits Etsy store as a made item! 

After looking at all the plaids and talking about Irish and Scottish stuff, our conversation led to my maiden name probably being of Scottish decent. It never occurred to me before to think of heritage on that side. (I was not brought up around my bio paternal family and have always thought of the Brown part of my name as being just mine.) Well, what do you know! Scottish! So, I'm a mix of Scottish, Spanish, and Cherokee Indian. I guess that explains the dark hair.

The Modern Tartan for the Broun Clan, which is a Sept of Clan Macmillan.

I did manage some photos of the sheep dog herding demos at the Irish festival!

Check out how intense this dog was! She was on the job, much to the sheep's dismay.

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