Monday, September 29, 2014

Playing with Art

When my hands aren't occupied by wool as of late, they've been busy painting. After taking watercolor art class for the past few years, I decided to add an acrylic class to the mix. So, now I escape the house two mornings a month for art classes. It is great to have a hobby to turn to that isn't your hobby job! We really are blessed in our little city to have these art classes offered through our public library and our parks and recreation department. (If you live in Hamilton County IN, the watercolor class is at the Westfield Library and the acrylic class is with Marilyn at the Westfield Parks and Recreation building.)

In acrylic class, we painted this heart-shaped box with acrylic paint that was more watery and a sponge, brushes, and a dowel rod. I was terrified while I was painting the bouquet, especially when at one point it looked like a spider, but it turned out great! I'm excited to try this technique at home on some gift boxes for Christmas this year.

Here is my acrylic mum painting...loved how the shading came out and the mums were fun to do with paper towels.

LOVE this month's fall-themed watercolor painting. My pumpkins are a bit wonky, but the trees were fun to paint. We used a palette knife to get the bark effect on the birch trees and then used acrylic paint and paper towels for the leaves. We also used salt to get the texture in the grass at the bottom. I added in some red/purple trees in the background. I can feel myself getting more comfortable with making changes or figuring out how to fix something and add in shading for a more realistic look. I was SO adverse to adding dark shading the first year and a half of painting! But, it really does make a big difference.

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