Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Catch Up: Part IV It's In the Bag

Picking up where we left off! All things considered, we stayed pretty constrained. I was in need of a few project bags and had been on the hunt for the last month. I knew that I wanted the zebra bag from KnowKnits and I was pleasantly surprised to find the Baggu bags.

Zebra bag is the large size from The blue and white polka dot bag is from Baggu and they come folded in these little pouches. I was in great need of large project bags and these two fit the bill. The pricing on the Baggu bags is excellent, too!

When we attended TNNA this spring, we looked at the various Wonderland Yarn kits. I ended up going for a fall colorway pack and Carol went for a purple toned one. Excited to cast this one on...MUST finish up work knitting before letting myself cast on.

I snagged this lovely skein on the right, too. Not sure what it will become just yet. In the meantime, some of my "fun" knitting is a bunting out of Brownie Knits colors. I'm hoping to start a video podcast soon and need a little background. Do you watch knitting podcasts? What do you love about them? What do you not like? I'd love to hear your feedback before I launch the Brownie Knits podcast this fall. You can email me at

On Monday, I organized all of my various projects into the individual bags and set to work.

I keep all my notions in this little case that my MIL made years back. 
I just love it and it gets LOTS of use!

Pretty bags all in a row...

My journal all divided and in full use...

...and it all lives in this great big Brit-inspired bag!

I can't really show you more than the bunting and this piece. Any guesses on what it will be? Maybe I'll have to run a guess the design contest this winter! Hmmmm....

Carol gifted me this sheep coaster and he was added to the flock!

A few of the said sheep...

She also gifted me this Tosh Sock in Home. 
I'm thinking it will become a Trillian shawl. 
Thanks so much, Carol!!!

So, for those who know me well, a zebra print bag might seem out of character. I don't trend toward animal print often. However, I bought these bag with the intention of getting a zebra button and band to attach to it. The zebra is the cancer awareness "color" for neuroendocrine cancer/tumors. My hope is that one person who has symptoms like I did sees this bag, asks me about it, and gets an answer to their chronic issues. Doctors are taught to think of the common (horses) and not the unusual (zebra). Some of us are zebras!!! To learn more about neuroendocrine cancer/tumors, please visit the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation site.

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