Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer 2014 Catch Up: Part II

Do you watch The Middle? It is a house favorite for us, partly because it is set in Indiana and is so spot on about the funny parts of living in "The Middle." My all-time favorite episodes are the ones where the family goes to the fair and Axl accidentally enters the derby. I still laugh until I cry each time. Well, the Indiana State Fair is a big deal for Hoosiers who live in our area. You can pretty much find something for everybody at the fair.

We stumbled across the llama and alpaca costume contest. What patient animals they are! I was partial to the beach party and the picnic, but one dressed as a scarecrow won. We also visited the sheep barn where I, once again, missed the wool room. Ugh. Next year, I am going to confirm with the knitters before I head out to the fair.

My hubby always lets me slowly walk around the Home Arts building to see all the needlearts displays. He was rewarded this year because the fair started a new beer and wine exhibit. I have to say that just outside this exhibit were families arguing with each other and loads of people clearly uncomfortable from that days heat. Inside the beer and wine exhibit, everybody had a smile on their faces. No arguments in there!!! The above afghan was my favorite knitted item on display. It looked to be out of sock yarn. A great way to use up all those leftover bits!

As much as I love the quilts and admire the effort, it wasn't a craft I did very well. I really liked the colors used in this one. So vibrant and full of movement.

We found some outlaws in the beer and wine hall!

After a day at the fair, we came home and did some major cleaning the next day. This included setting up the front room in a more inviting way for me to work. Riley prefers it when I work on the couch or the bed, but settled into his bed if I put it RIGHT next to my desk.

While not out and about, I've been designing a lot and decided to offer this little look at a new pattern I have coming out this fall. I just love buttons, don't you? I have also finished up 1 1/2 socks in the Regia Fluormania yarn. These socks have been my warm up knitting and my wind down knitting. Do you guys do that? I knit on them first thing in the morning to warm up my hands and wrists for my full work day of knitting and designing. It helps me to keep my gauge accurate in my work knitting because my hands are always the same after my warm up.

Last Friday night we ventured with my friend Tonya to the Traders Point Charity Horse show. It is such a beautiful area in the county over from where we live. It was a gorgeous night out with no humidity and in the low 70s. If you live in the Indy area, this is a great event to attend.

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