Monday, June 16, 2014

Yarn Crawl...Like I Need More Yarn, Part I Hoosier Hills

A few weekends back, despite the fact that I didn't need one single ball or skein or yarn, we ventured out on Friday to a local fiber fair and on Saturday to some shops a few hours away. It was really out of a desire to fill up our time with something that I would enjoy, get my mind off things, and enjoy being together. (I'm sure Patrick also didn't mind hitting up a brew pub! Gotta get something in there for such a patient guy.)

Cutie bunny...if only the ones who live in our back yard were this cute.

One of my happy finds was soap. Yes, soap. After 13 years, I finally ran out of all my Eucalan so it was time to buy another bottle. It is by far my favorite way to care for my knits. In the last week I've had four different people comment on my "soft" skin. What is my secret has been their question. I always use soap that has shea butter in it. Whether it is my Oil of Olay shea butter body wash or bar soap. It can be really difficult for me to find soaps and such that don't give me a headache and bother my allergies. So, I stick with scents like cucumber and floral scents for me and lavender makes me so ill.

Only a few skeins of yarn were purchased...both for socks. The red one is Funny Valentine (for me) and the blue one is Tardis (for PK). The yarn is Safari Sock by AdventuresNYarnCraft. She also offers her stuff on her Etsy shop by the same name. It is a fabulous yarn and the colors are great. 

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