Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Inspirational Journal

Earlier this year I started a journal to record design ideas and what not. (Totally a suggestion from my friend Christina.) One afternoon while Patrick was watching the World Cup and baseball, I sat down with a stack of cards I received over the last few years, postcards from our travels, some picture copies, a stack of magazines, and a few other odds and ends. I was determined to make all the pages pretty to help inspire me for new designs, crafts I want to do, books I want to read, etc.

I'm lucky enough to get handmade cards from my MIL and Aunt. I took the stack of those and put them throughout the journal. Years ago Patrick used to collect postcards for his office board. Now that he is at home and we are in an electronic world, the post cards were in a big stack in our memory box. I picked out some that I loved and pasted those in. This is one of my favs that we got on our honeymoon. This two-page spread is to write down blogs/podcasts I want to check out and books/movies/shows I want to read or watch.

These two spreads are for some future plans I have in the works. I love this air plant chandelier! AND, other than the plants (which you can get really cheap, btw) I have all of the other parts. The inspirational plans for turning our dining room into a brighter place with some reclaimed furniture will be a much longer and bigger project, but here are my beginning thoughts.

Then there are all those handouts from TNNA and cards you receive and tuck away. Why not use those, too!?! This quote is a favorite of mine. 

Some patterns I want to check out...alongside reminders of our trips.

Little E because who can't be inspired by such cuteness!?!

The front of the journal is still holding up well and I added this reminder to the inside front. Because, well, it doesn't.

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