Friday, May 23, 2014

Knitter Gifts

After our little Kool-Aid dyeing adventure, we popped down for some cake, tea/milk, and some gifts. I was super blessed with thoughtful and kind friends who brought a little joy into my day with some pretty packages. I thought I'd share a few of the knitting-related items here in case you are in search of some fun kits and gadgets.

This is such a cool necklace and knitter tool! Wear it as jewelry, but wait...those are stitch markers on the bottom clip. How fun is that? I've already been putting this to good use while working on a new design.  A quick online search found them available on Goodsmiths.

You can unhook the bottom portion if you want.

And the stitch markers click on with a clip, too.

I've already stuffed full the project bag and part of the space is holding this little know knits kit to make a fun bracelet. (Do you see a little pattern emerging? : ) )

Some sparkle...speaking of sparkle in yarns, it was all over the place at TNNA! I'll be writing up a blog post soon about the trade show and market. There are some fun things on the way this fall!

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