Friday, April 4, 2014

Yes, I Have an Addiction

I've been spring cleaning, organizing, and getting some donation items together. I quickly realized that over the years I've developed a scarf addition. This year infinity scarves are super popular for spring and I have a few of those, but I also have a collection of silk scarves and pashminas. My favorite ones are gifts from friends (one from France) and several that I got on our honeymoon in Italy. They were soooo inexpensive, but are so pretty.

This spring everything is now organized so I can wear them all. Several of the small ones I like to wear as a headband or on my purses. But, the others I always struggled to tie them in "fun" ways. I was excited when I found this card of instructions on one of the infinity scarves.

A great way to store infinity scarves is to put them into a skein like you would yarn. There is a new Brownie Knits pattern hiding in this basket! Millie will be available soon!!! And, yes, it is an infinity scarf.

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