Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring Weekend Part II...Plants

In Indiana when the spring weather hits, Lowe's becomes a nightmare! PK was continuing to install our new deck and needed more materials, so I ventured into a level of hell. Ugh. After grabbing a few other things, I decided to ditch my plan to look for plants there. Nope. Not. Gonna. Do. It! So, I ran a few more errands, headed home to make lunch and set out our meal plan for the week, and then went to our small family-owned nursery down the road. SOOOOOOOOooooooo much better. It was pleasant and calm. When I get plants I get really really stressed and overwhelmed. So, this time I went in with a plan:

* Gather items for fairy garden
* Gather pots and plants for shade (for the front porch)
* Gather plants for sun (for the back porch)

This worked out much better than get what you need in one pass through the aisles. Because I was alone, I didn't feel so bad for backtracking over and over. And, the staff there is so helpful.

I can't believe I actually selected all of these flowers and put them together into a display. It looks adorable on the deck between our Adirondack chairs. I'll be covering it every evening until our nights warm up a bit. They make me smile. Thank goodness winter is GONE!

Okay...these bushes are not new. But, despite our harsh winter, they doubled in size in the last nine months. We refer to them as Carol and Sam because I planted them when I hosted my friend Carol's bridal shower. Just like the couple, these guys are going strong!

I over bought on the succulents for the fairy garden, so I popped these into an extra pot.

And I just couldn't resist this plant. They were tagged as Lemon Slice. That's sounds about right to me! The little pot it is in was painted for me by nephew J. An extra special centerpiece for the kitchen table.

I couldn't leave out the front porch in my planting frenzy so I put in pretty pansies. These tend to do so well on our porch. A few years ago, they were still thriving until late June/mid-July.

After all this work (plus more vegetable planting and weeding the tulip beds), I was SORE. Good thing I am planning a week full of knitting, crocheting, and designing. I need the rest and recovery!

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