Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Weekend Part I...A Fairy Garden and Bobbin Lace

This past weekend was FULL of activity. On Saturday we ventured to Lafayette to visit with my hubby's parents. It was a little birthday celebration for them and we spent the day chatting away. My MIL and I have a lot in common in our love and appreciation of crafts. It's always fun for me to show her what I've been crocheting and knitting. Although we were celebrating their birthdays, they surprised me with some items for me to build a fairy garden. On Sunday, I ventured out to get outside plants and found a great pot, rocks, and plants to put together the garden!

Love the sparkle!

This little snail is my favorite. He is just adorable and I found mini succulents that fit perfectly in the garden.

I found this little watering jug when I was selecting the rocks. Too cute!

The little pathway to the arch...

The arch is decorated with some faux plant sprigs that add a nice purple color.

A photo to give perspective and Kiki was very curious!

Another little guy in the back.

I love the shape of this pot and the little garden turned out so great. It fits right in with my plant addiction. If you had told me ten years ago that I would enjoy plants so much and that I can KEEP them alive, I would have laughed at you. 

During this visit, she also introduced me to a craft I'd never heard of before...bobbin lace. Have you guys seen this lost art? I snapped some photos of her books, bobbins, pillow, and a practice piece.

The front of these two books do a good job of showing how your bobbins look while you work and some of the beautiful results you can achieve.

My FIL is a master at building anything and everything and he made her pillow for bobbin lace. You pin your pattern to the spinning portion and move the pins about that are attached the bobbins filled with linen. After looking it over for a bit, we decided a good comparison was braiding. 

It left me wondering how many times I've seen pieces I thought were tatting and they were actually bobbin lace. 

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