Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Being able to eat like a normal human being again is so freeing! Along with that came an increased desire to have a robust vegetable garden this summer. We ventured to a local garden center that specializes in non-GMO seeds. Armed with a list of what we wanted to grow, we got lots and lots of information on what to start inside, what to put out now, and what to put out in May. The guy was SOOOOO patient with all of my questions.

These little guys will be started in the inside self-watering greenhouse. I've never tried this before, so I was too late to start my cauliflower and broccoli this way. Instead, I'll go purchase some of their plants in mid-April and pop those in the ground. We have been eating TONS of roasted broccoli and cauliflower. I just can't get enough of either! Patrick is excited to grow the purple tomato plants.

These vegetables will go in around Mother's Day. Plus, we got some guidance on when/how to fertilize to get the watermelons to grow bigger than a quarter! Aren't the packages cute? They use old newsprint/magazines as the seed packets. You can learn their story here and they have a robust online business, so you can get their seeds wherever you are: Urban Farmer Garden Center.

And these will go in this coming weekend. I love eating spring onions with a little salt on them. It reminds me of the large garden we had when I was very, very young. I could pop out and pull up some, rinse them off in the sprinkler, and have a little snack.

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