Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bunny Fun

This past weekend we spent Saturday hanging around the house, working on the deck, and doing a little watercolor painting. We ended the day with a date night at a Korean restaurant. It was AMAZING. We long ago fell in love with Korean dishes and it was something I missed terribly when I couldn't eat anything but chicken. It was so yummy and I think a seafood and vegetable pancake might be a new food addiction! We woke up early Sunday and drove to my brother's house for a little Easter day. Nephew R was too cute searching for the eggs that the bunny left. He was very intent on finding the eggs and was thrilled with the contents. I also got to meet the newest family puppy member. Isn't she adorable? I'm not feeling all that great this week, so I'll let the photos entertain you for now. (The good news is that spring is here. The bad news is that spring is here with pollen.)

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