Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bernie the Bunny

This Thursday was watercolor Thursday. I simply love those days. This one happened to offer some extra good news in the form of oncology test results that were all good. As I put it to another lady who is going through tests with her husband, you live a double life. In between your appointments, you put it out of your mind and live life. Then, you have to deal with the appointment and the waiting before you get to (hopefully) forget about it again. Anyway, this class was a pin and ink study combined with the watercolor after you place on the ink.

I named my bunny Bernie. He is actually painted on a card, but I plan to frame it up to put out each Easter season. I did a pencil outline of the bunny and the flowers and then applied the ink for his fur. Next, I placed the watercolor on the bunny and flowers. Finally, I added in the green and ink outlined my flowers. 

My favorite portions are the bunny himself...his ink fur came out great and I LOVED how his fur coloring came out! I felt like the motion of his fur came alive. He looks all nestled in the flower bed.

It goes really well with this flower study we did last year. I hope I can find a matching frame for Bernie! After art class and the good phone call, I was energized and we snuck in a photo shoot in the beautiful afternoon weather. So excited to release a new knit design very soon and then a crocheted one!!! Both are spring designs that will carry well through summer and fall, too. 

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