Friday, March 7, 2014

Tulip Wreath

This past weekend we had one working nose between the two of us. Both of us were taken down by a head cold and then winter weather moved in to make things just a little more miserable. I needed a pick me up and a little brightness in my world. I've been eyeing tulip wreaths on Etsy for the last two years. I couldn't find the colors I wanted in the size I wanted. Enter YouTube where I found a video demonstrating how to make your own wreath. After giving it a quick viewing, I made my shopping list and headed out to pick out my flowers.

I'm SOOOO happy with the finished result. 

You need a flat foam wreath, ribbon to wrap around the wreath,

floral pick pins, a wire cutter, 

and an embarrassing number of flowers.

I used an 18" wreath, wrapped it with yellow ribbon that was secured with the floral picks, and then layered all the flowers around (also secured with floral picks). I finished it off by making a hanger using a see-through ribbon. My wreath is super actually gets squished by the storm door right now, but will be fine when we get to put on the screen door. Oh, the screen door and having the windows open! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!! Even if I will have to take loads of allergy meds to combat the dogwoods. Spring air can't be too far away. (She says looking to the sky!)

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