Sunday, March 30, 2014


As I write this, it is 51 and sunny outside! That might sound chilly to lots of you, but for us it is like a heat wave. The day before was a cold and dreary low 30s and I had on a wool coat. The ongoing cold caused a lot of sore throats, runny noses, and coughing to invade our house, but I'm hoping we are on the other side of that experience. To usher in spring I pulled out the spring/summer dishes, put away all the heavy blankets downstairs, and pulled out all the spring decorations.

After YEARS of forgetting to get these out, I finally remembered a little box that my MIL gave us years ago that was labeled "Patrick's Eggs." Inside were these three little ceramic eggs and a Jelly Beans container. Aren't they adorable? I put them out and Patrick started telling me more about his Great Aunt Mart who made the eggs for him and helped him paint the Jelly Beans jar. He has such fond memories of her and how special she was to him. How she, along with her husband, took him on a road trip during which he ate over 40 shrimp at a seafood place. (A momentous occasion for a little boy.) He still has his journal that she had him write in during the trip and a little buckeye that she gave him. 

I realized that my spring decor has grown to include a lot of my watercolor art. My favorite pieces from class are all of flowers and spring/summer scenes. (I'm not a big fan of the animal subject matters we've done. Although, I am excited to try the bunny next month!) The paintings are nothing that anybody else might think are that great, but I'm just amazed that I could even give them a go at all! It is a medium outside of my comfort zone for sure, but I love going each month.

Spring Rain

These dual flowers were our March study. I added the splatter to them and liked how they turned out.

I'm not sure that I ever blogged about the February study. Carol was visiting and took the class with me and we had such a fun time with this little beach scene. It used the same salt effect as the spring rain girl. I especially liked how my bird's shadow turned out. Of course, I spent all of 30 seconds on that part!

And, of course, my bright crocheted block blanket just yells SPRING to me.

As for those hundreds of bulbs I planted out front when I was sick with the cancer without knowing why I felt so bad? Well, they still aren't up! That is the part of spring I am more than ready to see!!! Bring on the flowers! We did venture out to plan out a new fence, deck, and trees for the front yard. Time to make the yard inviting again after a hard, cold, and snow-filled winter.

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