Saturday, March 15, 2014

Reverie Beret...Qui Qui

During my outing to the LYS with Carol, we spotted this cute shop sample and checked out the tag for the pattern. Of course, we then acquired yarn for said hat! I selected a colorway from Claudia Hand Paints that I thought would go very well with my wool camel-colored coat. It was a fun pattern to knit and I started one night and finished it the next day. The spiral yarn over pattern is very easy to remember so you can mindlessly work along to the top of the hat.

Pattern is FREE from Reverie Beret
1.5 skeins of Claudia Hand Paints in color Donna's Favorite
US 3 needle

I'm already trying to decide what to do with that partial skein! Most likely it will make an appearance in my beekeeper's quilt.

Modeling the topic, but I fully admit that I edited this photo to remove the bags under my eyes. Lord, I thought I was getting enough sleep until I saw the photos of this hat. Thank goodness for retouching! I so hate modeling for these photos because I only see all my insecurities. My long nose, crooked not white-like-I-would-love-them-to-be teeth, dark bags, double chin, and on and on. Yet, when I think about everything that my un-perfect face and fluffy body has been through over the last five years, I'm just happy to be able to knit, live, and be happy. At least, that is what I try to remember when I look in the mirror, at the scale, or at photos. I try...then I open the photo editor! 

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