Monday, March 17, 2014

Patrick's Finished Socks

About a week ago we went out for the Saturday and had a blast. There was whiskey and beer purchased for PK, jams for our bagels, and dips/pretzels for NCAA watching. We went to our favorite small market for some gourmet sandwiches for lunch and some yummy local meats for breakfast the next day. It was followed up with cupcakes at a local bakery and an agreement that no foods we had that day had any calories! Ha, if only! It was a day full of simple things, but things I couldn't have dreamed of doing six months ago. We laughed our heads off when I screamed like a little girl when the carwash guy startled me. I sang along to the radio, and we just enjoyed being with each other.

Unfortunately, the temperature started to drop...again. Argh. We headed home and settled in for an afternoon and evening watching the last round of regular season NCAA games. As we were watching the games, I finished up the last 10 rows of Patrick's socks, tucked in the ends, and onto the happy feet they went!

There isn't a pattern to link to for you as I really kind of do my own thing when I knit socks. I have a count for Patrick's foot and one for me. Then, I do what I want until I get to the heel flap. From there, I follow some counts in a book for the flap and turn, then I pick back up on whatever I want to do. I typically end up doing straight St st, but sometimes I'll put in a texture stitch. I just sort of wing it.

Yarn: Rhichard Devrieze in color Frank Lloyd
US needle 2
I only used 2 of the 4 skeins I bought. Darn! I'll just have to make a pair for myself.

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