Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Crazy Socks

I finished up my crazy socks just in time for what is (hopefully) the last winter weather of the season. The knitting wrapped up on the socks on a 60+ degree day, but fret not because this is Indiana and the next day held some single digits so that I could wear said socks. (Dear Mother Nature, I'll happily store away all of my knits for a good 9 months if you will warm it up around here!) The socks are adorable and are more socks cousins than an exact match.

I love how they turned out! The yarn is Berroco Sox in color 1464. Because my feet are so small, I have enough leftover for some beekeeper's quilt pieces and maybe a cute baby hat.

As noted in a previous post, I have a stitch count I use for my socks and one I use for PK. When I get to the heel flap, I use an algorithm and the same for the gusset and toe. I really like the slip stitch heel flap because it holds up so much better in the long run. 

Socks were knitted on US 2 DPNs. Way back when I first learned to knit my gauge was loose because of how I hold my yarn. Over the years, it has become very even and I can now use DPNs whereas before I got even looser on DPNs. There is something about this process that I prefer over all the other ways to knit socks. It feels a little more primal to me and for some odd reason I like that!

Colorful cozy toes!

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