Monday, February 3, 2014

Planning and Inspiration

During the last few Olympics, I've participated in what knitter's used to call The Ravelympics (named after the site Ravelry and the Olympics until the Olympic committee got up in arms and made them change it). The idea is the spirit of the games and all the hard work that the athletes do, challenge yourself in your chosen craft. A few years back my challenge was to make the Spud & Chloe knitted farm for my little niece. This time around I decided to combine my Olympic knitting/crocheting with my 40 for 40 charity project. (The 40 for 40 project was a goal I set to celebrate turning 40...make and donate 40 items to charity or to someone deserving of a handmade gift.) I didn't get the running start at this project last year when I wanted to because of illness. But, I ended up making 15 items for the nurses and PCAs during January. Meaning I need another 25 items by 5/17. SO...

The challenge is to make a hat each day of the Olympics...starting with the opening ceremonies and ending during the closing ceremonies. After going through my magazines and electronic patterns, I listed them all off in my motivational journal and gathered up yarn from my stash. (All hats will be made from stash yarn to continue the efforts to decrease my yarn on hand.)

If it all works out, the yarn shown here will knit up 13 hats and crochet 2 hats. I have a "secret" over-the-top goal of doing more than 15 so I that can make a larger dent in the 25 remaining items of the 40 for 40 project. One of the great things about getting ready for this project has been getting to put the motivational journal into action. Here are some photos of the front and back covers of my journal:

Clearly I'm craving color right now!

The back cover features some palm trees, shapes, and the great Elizabeth Zimmerman.

The inside starts out with some cheat sheet pages from magazines. Short row shaping reminders, abbreviations, needle/hook conversion chart, etc.

One section contains the hats for 40 for 40 and another section hosts other patterns that I want to make or that are inspiring in some way.

There are some holiday pages to remember for next year, and there is an entire section dedicated to designing, Craftsy classes, and technique magazine articles. I'm still in the process of inserting random pictures throughout to just pretty up the interior, but I've already been motivated to try out some new designs, music, and books. 

This morning while I was on the treadmill I was listening to music and feeling grateful that I am well enough to do some walks now. I was mentally planning some of the Olympic knitting and started thinking about how the days will run. Curling up with my work and cheering on the USA athletes. But, I need to do more than just work out my mental health. So, I decided to make it a goal to walk on the treadmill M-F during the Olympics. Of course, the ultimate goal is to get me more than back in the habit so that after the Olympics I keep up the workouts. But, this gives me a good plan to get started! So excited to cheer on the athletes and give myself a bit of a challenge.

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