Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympic Knitting: Tweed Beret and Tubey

The weekend was full of knitting and hanging out with Patrick and the puppies. So much for forcing ourselves out in the cold to go see a movie! Instead, we all curled up with many afghans and watched all the Olympic competitions. My hands were busy knitting away. However, on Thursday the mailman brought a special surprise from my good friend. Check it out!

Isn't this adorable? An Olympic-themed knitting bag with various sports on there and KNITTING!

And these stitch markers with a ski marker and the colors of the Olympic rings. 

I was so excited to get this surprise gift and it has been in use every single day since it arrived. The inside fabric is also very cute and both goes along with the "rings" theme, but also reminds me a bit of Easter. It looks like I can turn it inside out and use it that way for a few months this spring, too.

Hat 3: Tweed Beret from Interweave Knits
Size: Small/Medium
Yarn: Berroco Vintage Black Currant
Needle: US 7
No mods

Watched team figure skating, women's ski-athalon, and the alpine practice runs. OMG! Those people are insane!!! That course is crazy and they are going sooooooo fast. No wonder so many of them enjoy a little drink!!!

Hat 4: Tubey by Woolly Wormhead
Size: Medium
Yarn: Plymouth Merino Superwash Worsted Solids
Needle: US 7
No mods...turned it inside out for the three-needle bind off.

Watched luge and team figure skating finals.

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