Sunday, February 23, 2014

Olympic Knitting: Mag Mile Hat

This hat that I made as part of my Olympic charity knitting is a little more special than all the rest. This past July when I was struggling to get through a day without pain, I cut way back on what I allowed myself to eat and attended the Knit and Crochet Show. By this point I realized that eating certainly triggered all the pains, but I was still being told by doctors that they didn't see anything wrong. (Damn you, Ted the Tumor.) I was so determined to go to this conference. The first day was a professional development day and I was fortunate enough to meet a fellow indie designer. We chatted, crocheted, talked knitting and business, and left with each other's contact information. Theresa saw what had been going on recently and learned of the 40 for 40 project. She sent along her new hat design and I quickly went into the yarn room and grabbed yarn and needles to make up a Mag Mile Hat. Her pattern is available for purchase in Ravelry at the link below. I do hope that you will hop over and buy a copy for yourself. It is a fantastic pattern that knits up so fast and it is so warm, perfect for the winter winds that we have all been having.

Pattern: Mag Mile Hat by Theresa Schabes
Yarn: 1 skein of Berroco Vintage worsted held tripled
US needle: 11 and 15
Mods: I added a few rows because I got wrapped up in a curling match and was too lazy to tink them back out! (I seriously even looked up curling clubs in my area!)

This is an excellent pattern for all those gift making needs. It knits up very fast using either a chunky yarn or worsted held triple. Isn't it adorable? I'll be making on for myself, too.

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