Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Olympic Knitting: Baby Beret, Bee Sweet, and a Topper

When I pulled out yarn and patterns to knit up charity hats during the Olympics, I had a few musts at the top of my list. One was an adorable baby beret pattern and the other was a ball of Bee Sweet yarn with a pattern on the label. This last one has been patiently waiting in my stash forever!

This little number was such a fun one to knit up. I love a pattern that either is just straight mindless knitting or engages you with constant changes. This one has a new element every inch...picot edge, heart lace motif, bobbles, and an i-cord top bow. 

Pattern: Sweetie Pie Hat by Tanis Gray (pattern on yarn label)
Yarn: Bambino Taffy
Needle: US 5
Mods: I only did one row of bobbles instead of two.

Picot edge...I love this technique and even featured it on my Gillian Hat.

Pattern: Baby Rollin' Beret by Woolly Wormhead
Yarn: Plymouth Merino Worsted Solids
Needle: US 7

This hat is just adorable! It was supposed to be the baby size, but I would say I was a little tighter than expected and would list it as a newborn size instead. Perhaps I was a little tense watching all the falls in the men's figure skating program that day! Or, maybe it was the giddy excitement I got each day in anticipation to see what the heck Johnny Weir would wear that day. I hope NBC in four years has Johnny, Tara, and "Terrance" as the live announcers and the recap at night. Far more interesting, imho.

Pattern: Battleboro Hat
Yarn: Berroco Vintage
Needle: US 8

This was a fun hat to knit. You make the bottom of the hat first in the flat. Then, you pick up to work the top in the round. However, you then pick up stitches from the bottom to create the button area. I would have preferred this to just be worked and overlapped from the beginning as it would have resulted in a cleaner and more seamless look. Additionally, I really wish I had added more rows for depth. It fits me as it does the model in the pictures (also an adult), but I really think it is super small for most adult noggins. I plan to tag it as a child/teen hat when I donate it. 

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