Thursday, February 27, 2014

Groovyghan Update and More Crocheting Adventures Planned

Groovyghan has moved into the flowers and stripes stage! So excited to work on this project. It makes me happy to work on this colorful project when the temps continue to sit in the 20s. Some day soon there will be real flowers full of color in the yard. Until then, I've been making my own.

Mindless miles of double crochet stitches...

As I have been crocheting on Groovyghan, this is the view. I'd say she is enjoying putting on winter weight and napping with her baby dog Freido. (Yes, all of her toys has names and if you tell her a certain name, she will look for that toy. Unless, of course, you have company over and want her to do this trick for them!)

No crocheter or knitter I know works on their current project without thinking of what they will start next. As I was crocheting Groovyghan I was drooling over the online postings of Mollie Makes Crochet. It looked dreamy, colorful, vibrant, and enticing. Breaking my rule against buying books, especially hard copy books, I gave in and ventured to B&N. The one and only copy sitting face out on the shelf is now living on my nightstand as I keep picking it up and flipping the pages. So far, I plan to make the afghan on the front (possibly using sock weight instead of sport), and I totally want to make the doily/potholder motifs in mass to hang on a wall as art. I, as likely have many of you, have seen this done in art galleries and shops. Why not do it somewhere in my own home? The trick will be making it look modern and artistic instead of grandmotherly and old fashioned. 

As a former Managing Editor at a book publishing house, I have to say that they did an amazing production job on this book. The quality of the paper and binding is top notch. All the work put into the composition of each page and the photos and demonstration art is apparent and will prove this book to not only be a popular project book, but also a go-to reference guide. In a world where electronic books dominate with their colorful and interactive pages, it is great to see the production values in a print book be so high. Good job Interweave and Mollie Makes!

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