Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Time Between

Right now we are in the "time between" Christmas and spring. That time of the year that leaves me longing for a color other than Indiana winter gray and dormant grass. This past weekend I ventured out with my husband on Saturday errands. I wasn't sure how this would go given that I hadn't really been out since the disaster of an oncologist appointment and that involved very little walking. We took it an errand at a time understanding that at any point I could call it a day. After hitting up the post office and library, we tackled the two grocery stores where we gather our food. As I walked into the first one I was greeted by rows of planted tulip and mini-daffodil bulbs. I WAS SO EXCITED! After nabbing a couple, we finished up and went to the second store where to my shock I found a hyacinth bulb in a glass vase that I had been eyeing online. Woohoo again!

Mini daffodils snuggled between my IU decorations for basketball season. (DON'T get me started on how they are playing. Ugh, but I'm a die hard fan and some years are like this one.)

My little tulips that are quickly blooming into red petals.

Pretty and funky hyacinth bulb. The cashier and bag boy where very interested in this one. On a side note, the picture above the hyacinth is me and my mommy when I was about 4. It's one of my favorites.

Back in November on a day that I felt decent, I managed to repot my spider plants because they were growing out the tops of the pots and seemed to be struggling not to turn brown. My grandma spider (named so because I got the start from my Gram) didn't like the process at first and I was SO worried that I might have killed a plant that means so much to me. Luckily, it perked back up and has started lots of new growth. I do wish it would start some babies so that I had back ups!

My other spider plant (the Kanouse plant because it came from my MIL) was looking really bad. It has loads of babies on it, but the mommy was thin and brown. After literally breaking the old pot in order to get it out, I put it in a new larger one and it is busy growing loads of new mommy leafs. I also repotted a bunch of the babies, including one shown next to the Kanouse plant here. All my little IU stuff that people have given me over the years is on the mantle along with my banner. (It is convenient that it doubles as Valentine's Day decor.)

When I was in the hospital, I received flowers from all of the Kanouse family members and my friend Christina. Unfortunately, I was too out of it to snap photos of the pretty cut flowers that kept my spirits up. However, my BIL and SIL-to-be sent me this potted plant. Knowing my love of red, they picked a great one. It is living in on my desk where it is happily growing new colorful leafs. I have plans to crochet up a colorful covering for this pot. Isn't it a pretty lily?

For now the red square vase from my dear friend is holding some spider plant babies in water. I keep looking at the vase and thinking about what special crafty thing I might want to do with this one. It's such a cute shape. Yes, I am happy to have the green plants and impending blooms in the house during this time between! Bring on spring (she says hopefully and in denial that it is still January).

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