Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monkey See, Monkey Knit

One of the things I've learned about knitters is that we love to make what others are making. We like the community spirit of working from the same pattern and seeing all the different looks our finished work takes. One of the best ways of selling yarn (when I worked retail) was having a shop sample, knit alongs, or showing off one knitters work to others. For me, there has always been a little bit of a push and pull in this area. Sometimes, I just like to be unique. But, oh, the allure of just joining a group and the sense of belonging.

For Christmas this year, my friend Christina made up magic yarn cakes for her family of knitters. After blog stalking both C's blog and here sister's blog, I just had to dive into my yarn stash and make my own shawl, buy the pattern, and cast on.

I gathered up leftover blues and creams of sock weight yarn. Followed the double knot method of tying the yarns together and cast on.

I think it turned out nice and springy. I can see myself wearing it in April and May when the weather warms a bit but still requires a little removable warmth.

I knitted mine on a US 5 with my only alterations to the pattern being that I worked garter when I wanted instead of as suggested in the pattern. The Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl pattern is available for purchase from Paula Fuessle Designs in her Ravelry shop. It was a very well written pattern full of ideas and instruction. (I have to say as an indie designer, I thought she did an exceptional job with this pattern. It was presented in a professional way with high-quality photos, in addition to being accurate and well written.) I have much more leftover bits in worsted weight that will be gathered during the course of my next stash organization so that I can make more shawls!

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