Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014!

This year I'm setting out with one big overall goal in happy. Do things that make me happy, healthy, content, and at peace. Work on projects that make me smile and add to my life. What are some specifics?

  • Read Principles of Knitting...okay, this will be a challenge!!! It is a HUGE book, but it is full of great information and I want to digest all the yummy goods.
  • Continue my love affair with reading and try to sneak in five more books than 2013 (that would mean hitting 30). Any good reads you think I should put on the list? Please share! As part of this goal, I'm hoping to take more advantage of our local libraries digital collection. Save that money, support the library, and read!
  • Beat my 18,275 yards stash reduction record from 2013. I have soooo much yarn in my stash that I love and it needs to be transformed into beautiful finished objects.
  • Design and release 5 to 7 patterns. I love being creative. It makes me happy and sharing it with other crafters is even better. I also have a little plan to build some ebooklet collections.
  • Work on the "art cross stitch" project that I bought from a fabulous British designer. Oh is so pretty and I can't wait to get started and share it with all of you.
  • Expand the Etsy site to have more ready-made items up for purchase. This would increase income, but it also removes stress from custom orders that then require a frantic knit.
  • Attend TNNA as Brownie Knits! Who knows what this conference might hold!
  • Continue knitting/crocheting my 40 for 40 charity/donation projects. I've completed 10 of the 40 and have 5 more to go that will then go to the nurses and pcas who took care of me after surgery. I hope to then knock out the remainder of the projects during the Olympics! After that the garments will be sent off to keep some people warm next winter.
  • Travel as much as possible. A little thing like money tends to limit this, but given my diagnosis I want to push these boundaries of travel as much as possible. We already have a trip to PA to visit family on the books and I'm looking at dates for a swing to FL. Oh how I want to get to Ireland, Australia, or another far off place soon. It's been far too long since we crossed the pond.
  • In addition to watching the Olympics, college basketball, and Patrick's baseball teams, this year holds the World Cup, which my DH loves. I look forward to sitting next to him and watching his joy during these games.
  • Continue to learn...this might be Craftsy classes (garment design, tatting, double knitting, etc) or education in something I haven't even considered.
  • Spend more and more time with friends and family. 2013 took this away from me and I insist on getting it back. I will attend parties, go to lunch, meet up for knitting, and enjoy those around me who have been so supportive through this phase of life. I can't wait to hang out, drink a little, and enjoy those around me!
My final goal for 2014 does touch directly on my health situation. After hearing that I had this thing inside of me, I started thinking about what I can do to help further research in this field. My plan is to design a pattern that will be put up on my sites for purchase. 100% of the profit from this pattern will be donated to carcinoid organizations. My hope is to also sell the finished items so that those profits can also be donated. Waiting for the inspiration to hit me!

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