Monday, January 27, 2014

Getting Motivated

Between the cold, healing, and just allowing myself to be lazy, I've lost a little bit of my normal motivation. As I sat pondering just how to get my mojo back, I was reading the blogs that I follow. Several of the bloggers were writing about dream and idea boards and journaling. After realizing that the answer was in my face, I grabbed a notebook, glue, rubber cement, scissors, and my stacks of old knitting/crocheting magazines. My friend Christina does these notebooks with her family to track and plan their lives. My "vision" for mine is to use it as a design journal, a place to jot down book titles to read, music I want to check out, hat patterns to make for charity, and any feelings/thoughts I want to download about carcinoid treatment.

My original intention with my old magazines had been to scan in those that I wanted to keep, recycle the rest of the magazine, and enjoy the free space. Instead, I'm putting those patterns, photos I liked, and technique instruction into my journal. I love that I'm getting more stuff out of the house and still using what I want to keep. I plan to put all those catalogues we get each week to use by clipping inspirational photos out each week, too.

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