Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fairisle Boot Toppers

A dear friend sent me this kit from Mountain Colors and I wasted no time casting on to make the cuffs. The pattern uses a worsted weight on US 7 needles, so they were a very fast knit. They went even faster for me since I somehow (um...pain pills) missed 5 rows between the fairisle chart and the ribbing. Oh well, I just knitted the second one to match and will call mine unique. This is a GREAT pattern for the first-time fairisle knitter. The chart is only 13 rounds and is very simple.

As you can see, I photographed them where the join is. Oops...but it gives you a look at that area and you will never see that when you have them on the boots. Here is a link to the pattern/kit: Mountain Colors. I hope to wear these out when I feel up to it and will try and snap a shot of them on the boots.

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