Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas Sharing

With everything going on I somehow missed posting about Christmas. It was rough, but I managed to pull it together well enough for us to spend Kanouse Christmas with my in-laws on Christmas Eve and then we hosted my family the following weekend. Everybody was very understanding and supportive and I didn't really move around much. On Christmas Day, Patrick and I hung at home and enjoyed exchanging our gifts and spending the day with the dogs.

Here is my burglar Patrick looking for the pickle ornament hidden on the tree. He put on his new hat that he received that morning and was using his iPhone light to help search. I couldn't resist the photo as he really looks like the thief from those old cartoons!

This is the glass photo montage I had made for him. I love Shutterfly!

My little nephew R was super cute during our celebration. He played reindeer with his card and then curled up with Kennedy to use his LeapPad Ultra that we got him. Kiki is his constant companion when he visits our house. She follows him around with her toy in her mouth and is often found curled up next to him...sometimes even when he goes to bed.

R had proudly worn his Superman shirt that morning that he got after seeing Uncle Patrick in his earlier this year. So, after his shower, Patrick came down wearing his. It was ADORABLE when R saw it and ran over and put his fists on his hips.

Even my "little" brother got in on the Superman action. I couldn't resist taking a picture of them and this will probably end up going in the 2013 picture ornament that never got completed this year!

R teaching Mawmaw how to use technology. Several times the adults tried to show him something and he would ignore us and then he was right! What do we know. I was super excited that he enjoyed his gift and the educational games on it.

Niece E, Nephew J, and Nephew A...Happy cousins!

She's into opening those packages!

We got E an apron and I crocheted her a baking set. She's already been putting her apron to use helping mommy cook! We got J an art smock and full art kit. He's such a creative kid that I thought about him every time I was in art class last year.

Nephew A received a baseball-themed gift set from us...Uncle Patrick had great fun putting that together even though it was mostly Red Sox stuff. (PK was happy that the baseball video game at least had a Rays player on the front of it!)

I was super excited to give these gifts to my MIL and FIL. I had them printed up at Shutterfly on canvas. E was excited to see herself in the photo. But, in true kid style, E was most fascinated by trying to pop the air pacts from the boxes. She wasn't really heavy enough to jump on it, so Uncle Doug and cousin A helped her sit on it and pop it. We all cheered her on.

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