Sunday, December 8, 2013

Share Sunday: Christmas Decorating 2013

This week for us was all about putting up the Christmas decorations, getting our cards out, and sort of spiffing up the house a bit. It feels all cozy and colorful and there is nothing I like more about the holidays than sitting with the white lights on while I knit. 

The front room becomes the Christmas room...

I turned one of our holiday cards into an ornament. Of course, we added a few more ornaments this year...

The cross stitch sampler makes me smile when I walk by it and my Christmas cactus is close to blooming! (Note that this is a NEW plant as I promptly killed mine last year. After venturing to our local nursery and getting strict instructions on care for it, I think this one will survive.)

This wrapping color scheme this year is red, white, and silver.

How many knitting related ornaments can you spot in this picture?

Stockings for the nephews and niece and the dining room ready for some family get togethers.

All ready for Santa to fill with goodies!

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