Sunday, November 3, 2013

Share Sunday: Reading & Cross Stitch

I do this silly little thing when I am done with a reading session. I take the number of pages minus what I've read and divide by the number of days I'd like to take to finish the book. I've done this as long as I can remember. A few weeks back my hubby saw me click out the numbers on my iPad mini and asked what I was doing. I explained my ritual and felt myself blush. He quizzically asked why and I had no answer. Nor do I remember how I started the ritual. As the days ticked by and I continued figuring out my math problems I pondered the why with each number. Was it the simple competitive nature of challenging myself? Did it develop during the days of having scheduled library days in childhood? Was it a leftover echo of being an editor with so many manuscripts to edit and move along to the next stage? I suppose in a way it is all of those things, but as I read along it kept feeling like there was more to it. But what could it be?

These two love it when Patrick and I curl up and read!

Then, it hit me...I want to know how long I get to hang out with the characters. How long do I get to be in their world? When do I get to dive into another world? Somewhere along this path to analyzing my reading habits I also found myself smiling as I remembered how I read through all of the children and young adult books at the small Milton Public library where I grew up. How my grandmother led me to the grown up area and pointed me to Agatha Christie novels and how she would check out one and I would get another and sometimes we would swap if they weren't yet due back. I remember all the Sundays when we lived in the country and my mom and aunt would read while sunbathing in the back yard. We would each have a towel on which to lay and Casey Kasem or Rick Dees would be counting down the weekly top 40 on the boombox. They would read a mystery or romance novel and I made my way through all the possible endings to each Encyclopedia Brown book. Reading so much as a child set me on the path that eventually led to meeting my husband and, in a roundabout way, to starting Brownie Knits. I'm so forever grateful for that library!

So, when not reading or designing this past week, I was working a bit on my Christmas cross stitch sampler. It is coming along and maybe I will get it done for this holiday season!

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