Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Quick Tip Tuesday: Craftsy Classes

One of the great things about today's technology is the plethora of knitting and crochet patterns, tutorials, and blogs that are at our fingertips. One of the BEST and most convenient platforms out there, imo, is Craftsy.com. You can do many things on Craftsy (like find loads of free and for purchase patterns), but you can also take fully developed video classes that you get unlimited access to forever. It isn't just for knitting and crochet. There are all sorts of crafts offered via the site. It is free to sign up for the site and then you pay for classes and patterns (although a fair amount are offered for free). Don't be put off if you think a class fee is too much because they run fantastic discounts all the time. Be sure to like them on Facebook or join the Knitting Club/Crocheting Club/Sewing Club/etc on FB for even more deals.

I have all my patterns on Craftsy for purchase. They are SOOOO great about supporting independent designers. They take ZERO money from pattern sales. That's right...the designer gets all the money (minus PayPal). If you are an indie designer, it is a great forum.

Here is a snapshot of Knitting classes, but there are tons of them. Any technique you can think of and lots of project based ones, too. You get to view the videos that are lots of explanation and step-by-step, download PDFs of class documents, take notes, and ask the instructor questions.

So many cute patterns to explore! Have fun getting lost in the possibilities on Craftsy.com!

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