Friday, November 1, 2013

Favorite Friday: The Yarn Whisperer

I have a confession to make. In general, I don't like craft books that aren't filled with patterns. Oh how I hate to admit that publicly. As a life long reader, book lover, and someone who gets a house and food funded by the publishing industry I feel ashamed. So ashamed! I love, love, love a good pattern book or even one filled mostly with inspiring photos. But one with words and stories based around a craft, I just don't enjoy them as much I want to. So when my good knitter friend raved about The Yarn Whisperer I admit that the first time I said "Oh that's good that you enjoyed it," and then I went on to the next thing. Then it was mentioned a few more times over a visit and I decided to give it a try. I can't fully explain how glad I am that I did. On soooooo many levels.

Parkes masterly and with great ease drives you through a tour of knitting techniques via a tour of her own life. She writes with the wit so many try to have but come up short. (I will freely admit to tossing a book aside due to bad writing...being an editor will do that to you.) The appreciation for the strong writing and storytelling abounded from me after each session of reading. I would go on and on to my hubby about how wonderful it was. 

(Side note: when I told my hubby that I used our joint account to buy a book he asked what book I purchased. Bracing myself for the upcoming chuckles I answered The Yarn Whisperer and heard said giggles from my brother in the back seat and my husband smiled at me with his awe you are so cute look.)

From the get go I felt like the author was talking directly to me. Reading my mind. Writing sentences about my life that I've been searching to compose for decades. Below are just a few of her wise words, but you simply must go get a copy of this book. Buy it, give it as a gift to yarnie friends, buy one and donate it to your library!!!

"Like bulbs, we bury balls of yarn deep in our stashes, knowing that some day we'll wander through our garden with an empty basket and pluck them from the soil."

"Nowadays you don't even need to leave home to feel alone among the crowd."

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