Sunday, October 6, 2013

Share Sunday: Appreciating Other Artists

We live in an area of Indiana that is full of artists of all sorts. Last weekend, we ventured to the neighboring town for an art festival. I fully admit that I went there for one thing...

This teapot!!! I have several vases and tea cups from this pottery artist, but I've been looking at this teapot for the last few years. As we are heading into tea weather, I was focused in on getting this little guy to get us through fall and winter. Isn't he adorable?

The artist is Blue Moon Pottery and here is her card.

I REALLY was only going to get the teapot. I mean, I debated it for two years before buying it. I really, really was only going to get the teapot. (You see where this is going, right? :) ) My husband spotted this at a watercolor artist booth and wasn't going to let me leave without a print!

This will go up on the wall downstairs after the holidays. In our house the seasonal decorations are fall, Christmas, and IU basketball! Having tried my hand at watercolors, I am even more impressed at the level of small detail in the work. The artist is Trudy Robertson and she had lots of Indiana college, sports, and town pieces.

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