Friday, October 4, 2013

Favorite Friday: A Second, Third, Fourth Hobby

So this week has been WAY off in terms of providing tips, favorites, and shares. It is a direct reflection of how off my entire life has been for the last week and a half. I ended up with an end of summer cough for a few nights and then had a full week of just not feeling well at all and was not motivated in the least. Instead of beating myself up about not knitting or designing this week and not keeping up on the blog I decided to relax and let my body and mind recover.

This week I thought I would share the importance of having hobbies that are not your day job. I learned very fast after turning knitting/crochet into my work that you need another outlet that is just for you. For me, that is cross stitch, reading, and taking a monthly art class. As I've felt ill over the past few days I turned to cross stitch. Truth be told, it had been AGES since I worked on a cross stitch project. It felt so good to get lost in the counting and stitching.

I made this to hang up at Christmas time. The pattern is Peace Tree by Little House Needleworks and the kit includes the pattern, button, and silk thread. I loved that it was all white and I'll be blocking and framing it before the snow hits this winter.

I finished the Peace Tree pattern so fast that I decided to go back to the shop and get a Halloween one that I liked. (I promised myself that I would ONLY invest in one cross stitch project at a time.) This cute little number is Jacks in the Box by Bent Creek. It comes with the pattern only. I had lots of fun picking out the threads and seeing the little pumpkins develop.

During Carol's visit several weeks back, we hit up three of our local consignment shops. At the last one I found this little bag and one exactly like in a turquoise. Perfect! Red for me and turquoise for Carol. I originally was going to use as a knitting/crochet notions bag. However, it easily holds my entire cross stitch project. Isn't it bright and colorful?

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