Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Bulbs and Lots of Stitching

I keep reminding myself that it is October. We've enjoyed some higher than normal temperatures and our previously dormant grass (from lack of rain) is full and green again. Today, finally, it feels more like fall and I'm working with a window open and a fall candle burning. In the world of crafting, I have been seriously addicted to cross stitch as of late. BUT, I am holding myself in check and only doing a few projects so I will not be putting any stitching things on my holiday list of wants. Must. Not. Go. Crazy! After finishing up the Halloween stitch project, I ordered and completed this funny little Thanksgiving one.

Isn't he hilarious!?! In case it is hard to read online, his little sign says Dry Turkey and the button is an olive. I changed the glass and sign background from white to burgundy and green because the linen I ordered was lighter than I expected. I also used leftover colors from the Halloween cross stitch instead of ordering all new threads for this project. After the 31st, he will go into the black frame that the little pumpkins are in right now.

After finishing up the Thanksgiving one, I decided to embark on a larger project for Christmas and it honestly might not get done until Christmas 2014! It is a sampler from Lizzie Kate that is actually 12 little Jingles together. I fell in love with the non-traditional holiday colors. Here it is in progress.

The picture shows two completed Jingles and a third that is 50% done. I've found that I really like to work words the most. Is that odd or normal for cross stitchers? When this holiday cross stitch is out of the hoop I'll be moving to a HUGE one that I couldn't resist as my big art project for 2013/2014. It's beautiful and I hope I have the patience to complete it all.

I figure that this will be the cross stitch that I hang up for the spring and summer seasons. Between the holiday cross stitch and this one, I should be set for cross stitch projects until January 2015!

When not stitching, doing the paperwork for new knit/crochet designs, or taking photos, I have done some work around the house. There were the satisfying (cleaning out the master closet and reorganizing so that I can see what we REALLY have to wear) and the will-be-satisfying in the long run (planting bulbs). Every winter I see the posts from overseas bloggers with their snowdrops and I long to have those coming up in our snow-covered lawn. Well, this fall I did it. I planted a bunch of snowdrops out front along with a bunch more tulip bulbs to fill in between the ones we already have.

I had planned that the 200 bulbs would be enough for the front and the back garden. Ummm....I always forget that the front areas are bigger than I think. All 200 got planted in the front and I will put in bulbs next fall in the back. Cutting back those yellowing HUGE hostas was enough for one planting season for me!

On a side note: I typically have been trying to follow a schedule of the Quick Tip Tuesdays, Brownie Knits Wednesdays, Friday Favorites, and Share Sundays. However, I've come to the realization that with everything life brings along, that is an overly aggressive schedule. Plus, I miss out on my blogs that are just because. So, going forward, every few weeks will just be free flowing. Ahhhh.... freedom!

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