Sunday, September 8, 2013

Share Sunday: Slipper Bottoms

I've been knitting and crocheting my fingertips off, but when it came time to blog for Share Sunday I didn't have much I could SHARE! (Hang tight as all of those secrets will be revealed in the coming weeks and months.) But, I did happen to sew suede bottoms on my Malabrigo slippers...

Don't they look professional? I'm all set for fall temps when they arrive. I will also note that these little things really do work much better than the grip puffy paint. Yes, it required sitting down with a needle and thread and sewing them on, which is something I hate with a passion. But, it wasn't all that painful and the matching thread came with the bottoms. They are by Fiber Trends and I found them online. (A request has been put in by my hubby for a pair of these so I have some gray slipper bottoms ready and waiting!)

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