Sunday, September 29, 2013

Share Sunday: A Beige Mamie and Art Class

As has been the way of late, most of my knitting and crochet right now is kept under wraps until patterns are released. But, as you can see with Mamie and Gillian, they are steadily making their way to real patterns! While making Mamie, I decided to make one for a holiday gift. I hope the recipient will like it and I don't believe she reads the blog so it was safe to share.

I've also been working on a cross stitch sampler and attended September art class. 

Not that you need this, but the top one is the instructor art and the bottom one is mine. I found this one to be the hardest one I've ever done. I did, however, like my one pink background leaf. I'll never be a famous water color artist, that's for sure. But, it really relaxes me and it is good to stretch into creativity outside of the fiber arts. I find it then inspires me for new pattern designs. 

And I just thought this was cool and wanted to share...I caught Blue sleeping on his leaf AND he had started building a bubble nest. This is supposed to mean that they are ready to mate and happy with their environment. It is the second nest he has built. Happy little Blue!

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