Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Quick Tip Tuesday: Shopping for Buttons and Sewing by Hand

If you have read the blog for very long you know that I am not a seamstress. It actually drives me crazy when people refer to knitting and crochet as sewing. I mean, if you are one and not the other you know just how different they are. It would be like calling a basketball player a baseball player. They are both sports but you can be good in one and stink at the other! But I digress...

So, every now and then I do need to sew a button onto a knitted or crocheted piece. For years (like six!) I used the same needle to sew on all my buttons. It was perfect...the eye was a great size for threading cotton thread or worsted yarn and it fit into almost all buttons. It was like the magic needle...until it broke. I was actually sad to see it go away in the trash bin. What was I going to do? I tried loads of other needles I had upstairs for cross stitch and those were a bust. So, during my hubby's venture to a conference and my walking up and down the aisles at the craft store I stumbled upon this set for $2.99:

50 needles of all sizes of eyes and lengths

It is a great buy for the price and you will be set for all your button sewing needs. I've also fallen in love with their buttons. Great prices for some very vintage looking buttons. 

Sneak peek! Here is a Sew-ology button on an upcoming new crochet hat design I have coming out in a few weeks. Love the sparkle!!!

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