Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Baby Boy Blue!

This past weekend was a little bit different than normal. My DH went off to Gen Con (well, downtown so he was still home each evening). But, this left me free to do whatever I wanted and that, of course, included lots of knitting and crochet, some shopping, movies, and a mani/pedi. Now, when most people go shopping they get some clothes and other girly items. Me? I bought craft supplies to turn into new patterns. But, I also decided to bring a new family member into our home! Pre-hubby and dogs I used to have an aquarium and a goldfish bowl. Not really wanting to go back to the aquarium cleaning, but longing for the calmness that having fish brings, I decided to get a betta in a cute bowl.

Introducing Blue Kanouse...I know, such an original name! He is a striking electric blue and has a red belly fin. He's a feisty swimmer and is a male Dragon Scale Betta. I do so hope that I don't accidentally kill him off before his fishy time is up. I got him some rocks to bring out his blue color and some fun greenery to swim around, which he seems to really love darting through. I even got a little hammock leaf for him to rest on, but I've yet to see this occur. He lives on the coffee table where I can see him while I knit/crochet the days away. Riley, our oldest dog, was VERY curious about Blue. Now, Riley is old and can hardly see or hear so I was shocked by this. Then I realized that when feeding the fish I was talking to Blue and calling him Baby Boy Blue. Well, guess who answers to Baby Boy? Yep, my dog got jealous of a fish.

Baby Boy Riley Posing for his close up...

and Little Sister wondering what all the fuss is about.

While Patrick was off and about and pre-Blue, I got my nails done, went to a movie, and then walked the aisles of the crafts shops. I couldn't resist picking up a copy of Crochet: The Complete Guide by Jane Davis. It is full of stitches that I am anxious to give a try and I've already combined a few in my head along with some Brownie Knits flowers to craft a future afghan design. Oh so fun and inspiring. I must admit that with the cooler temps I was all inspired by the pumpkins and fall decor out in the shops, even if it is August!

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